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Falcon Hybrid urinals

The Waterless Urinal System

Waterless urinals are designed to eliminate the need to flush fresh water. In conventional urinals, urine sits in the trap until flushed away by fresh water. In waterless urinals, the cartridge is the trap, urine is able to pass through the cartridge and into the drain without the need to flush. The cartridge also acts as a barrier to prevent the back flow of gases and associated smells from the sewer system.


The Falcon waterless urinal system has 3 simple, but very important parts that work together to keep your restroom in an odour-free and hygienic state. 

Key valve Still 01_0182.png

How the cartridges work

Velocity Cartridge
V5 RENDERING_Velocity_WAter copy.JPG

1. Our patented cartridge provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom helping keep your restroom odour-free.

V5 RENDERING_Velocity_WAter+Urine copy.J

2. As liquids pass through, the cartridge works to filter and collect uric sediment that could otherwise end up in your drain line.


3. Internal components create speed and direction for exit flow, helping to keep your housing and pipes cleaner.

Velocity Features

Pour Spout

Our patented anti splash pour spout helps ensure cleaner pipes and a cleaner housing



Our indicator provides you with a visual signal that helps you know when it is ready to be changed, making maintenance easier. 


Surface Area Patent

Our patented cartridge features a reduced surface area which helps eliminate room for bacteria to grow and helps keep your restroom more odor-free.


Retains Sealant Better

Our interior baffle allows the cartridge to retain its sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices.


20% Less Plastic

Uses 20% less plastic than previous models, making it even more environmentally friendly.

High Performance Key-Valve - HPKV

1. Our patented Bell Valve provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom helping keep your restroom odour-free.


2. As liquids enter the cartridge, the silicon membrane gives way to allow all urine to flow over, before returning to its original state and reforming the seal


Competitors valve

HPKV Features

More Robust Technology

Our patent-pending Bell Valve provides optimal performance for the duration of valve life span - resulting in better long term functionality for our customers.


2 x Faster Flow Rate

With the ribbed Bell Valve, our High Performance Key-Valve® technology provides more than twice the flow rate of competitors and previous models.

Key valve Still 01_0185.png

Cues you when to replace

Our patented Key-Ring® technology dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed, making maintenance easier.


Retrofit Capable

Our High Performance Key-Valve® features a 50mm waster and drastically faster flow capacity, creating a better user experience and allowing the valve to be used in urinals that flush on a timed basis without overflowing.

Key valve Still 01_0182.png

Significant Reduction of CO2 Footprint

Huge reduction in plastic than previous models, making it even more environmentally friendly.

Falcon Hybrid 'Jetrinse Solution Technology'



The Falcon Hybrid Urinal doesn’t use water to eliminate urine, and there’s no need for maintenance personnel to manually clean or rinse the housing and drain line.


The difference occurs behind the scenes with the breakthrough Jetrinse™ Solution Technology. Every 72 hours, the system automatically purges the housing and pipes, rinsing them thoroughly to prevent the buildup of sediment.


The result is clean, odour-free operation, with virtually no maintenance aside from typical wipe downs and cartridge changes.


Water is supplied to the back of the housing through a solenoid valve and air gap device.

The water is directed through a nozzle against the cartridge, powerfully redirecting it down the housing and drain line.


The solenoid valve is programmed to inject approximately four (4) litres of water every 72 hours.

An infrared switch, discreetly located underneath the fixture, allows maintenance personnel to manually operate the Jetrinse system during cartridge changes to confirm its operation.

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