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Falcon Hybrid urinals
Eco Friendly

Waterless urinals save water and reduce overall waste. Less energy is required to transport fresh water and waste. The hybrid 'Jetrinse Solutions Techonolgy uses only 4 litres every 72 hours days.

Falcon cartridges use biodegradable sealants and recyclable ABS plastic. The HPKV features a significant reduction in environmental footprint.

Hygienic & Odourless Operation

Urine itself is sterile, when water is introduced in a conventional flushing urinal, the environment for bacteria to grow is established. Bacteria is one of the main causes of odour, less bacteria means less odour.


Tests have show a 63% to 99% reduction in the concentration of bacteria in water free urinal bowls compared to flushing urinals. Water free urinals are also touch free, further reducing the transferal of bacteria. 

Easy to Install

Falcon waterless urinals are fast and easy to install, they only require a connection to the waste, and can be managed comfortably by one person. 


The hybrid urinals are just as easy, but use a 15mm connection for the water feed and a 6V battery with 8 year battery life to operate the Jetrinse, no electrician required for installation.

Great Service & a 5-Year Warranty

Australian Waterless has been providing water free urinal solutions to Australia for over 20 years. Because of our quality products and longevity, we have great relationships with plumbers and urinal experts all over the country.


We have plenty of resources available online, but if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch via our contact page.

Cost Effective

Our urinals come with everything needed to install, your plumber simply connects the outlet to the sewer system. No expensive rough in kit, sensors, flushing mechanisms or solenoids required.

The hybrid Jetrinse system will ensure the drains are kept clean, eliminating clogs and the cost to resolve. The cost of cartridges is offset by water, waste & energy savings.

Easy Maintenance

Regular cleaning consists of a spray and wipe with a cloth or sponge and a waterless urinal cleaner. Indicators on cartridges show when it's time to change (normally 2-4 times per year, depending on use).


The Falcon hybrid urinal self cleans the back-end (housing and waste pipe), eliminating odour and sediment formation that can create clogs. 

Advanced Technology

Falcon Water Technologies is a global leader in sustainable restroom technology, thanks to a continued commitment to Research & Development, we are able to provide you with the most efficient and advanced cartridge and urinal technology in the market.


The hybrid's 'Jetrinse Solution Technology' is the future of restroom sustainability. 

Where you'll find Falcon
  • RAC Arena (Perth Arena)

  • Australian Conservation Foundation

  • National Parks & Wildlife facilities nationwide

  • State Schools nationwide

  • LA Dodgers baseball stadium, Los Angeles, USA

  • Middlesbrough FC football stadium, UK

  • Beijing International Airport, China

  • Taj Mahal, India                                                    More...

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