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Falcon HYB4000 Hybrid waterless Urinal

Falcon Hybrid Urinal

SKU: HYB4000
GST Included

The Hybrid technology was created to adapt and leverage our plumbing infrastructure that still relies on water flow to function. Multiple studies have found that when urinals share a drain line with other water flushing fixtures upstream, the rate of solid buildup is dramatically reduced by the “supplemental water” from them. The Hybrid solution creates a robust source of water and automatically injects it into the drain line, right where calcite and struvite buildup causes most trouble.


The Hybrid Urinal automatically injects approx. 3.8L of water every 72 hours – resulting in the lowest water consumption, essentially functioning waterfree, and highest performance, effectively washing out drain line debris. With the water injection being pre-programmed on a timer, it eliminates the need to manually clean the housing and drain line and helps you accurately calculate the litres used annually. These fixtures preserve the water efficiency and enhance the functionality of waterfree design.


Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Hybrid Urinal line can deliver exceptional performance and outstanding savings for any commercial restroom environment, including healthcare facilities, restaurants and hotels, stadiums, schools and universities, transportation terminals and office buildings.

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