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At Australian Waterless, we've been at the forefront of the water-saving revolution since 2001. With a rich history of supplying cutting-edge waterless urinals to businesses across Australia, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in sustainable solutions.

Welcome to Australian Waterless, your premier destination for sustainable restroom solutions since 2001. Say goodbye to wasteful water consumption and hello to eco-friendly practices with our innovative waterless urinals. Our urinals utilize cutting-edge technology to eliminate the need for water, saving thousands of litres annually and significantly reducing utility costs. With easy installation and minimal maintenance, our waterless urinals offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency for businesses of all sizes. Join the movement towards sustainability and experience the benefits of water conservation firsthand.

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Great for the Environment

Purchasing and installing Falcon Waterfree urinals is less expensive than manual and automatic flush units because, flush valves and associated piping are not required. Maintenance costs and vandalism problems associated with flush valves are also eliminated.

Were committed to saving water, for Future Sustainability! 

What Clients Say...

by Installing Waterless Urinals, we have seen a big reduction in water costs and the cartridges are easy to change. Queensland Parks & wildlife.

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